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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Bloomington Harpist ~ Open House at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center

When Advocate BroMenn Medical Center invited their donors to an open house of their new facility, they made the night even more memorable and special by including harp music!

The harp was set up on the second floor balcony, overlooking the ground floor where the presentations took place to kick off the evening.  I played as guests arrived, and continued as they toured the rest of the facility.  The music included a wide variety of styles, from classical to contemporary to Celtic.  Many of the volunteers and donors told me how much they loved hearing the harp and how beautiful the music was in that setting.

There were also many comments on how I store my sheet music on my iPad!  I've been using it since December, and it makes organizing the pieces I'll be playing for each event so much easier.  No more lugging around a huge (and not very attractive) binder of music!  It also allows for me to take more special requests from guests, as I have nearly my entire library of music at my fingertips.  The scanning process is still an ongoing project ~ there are hundreds of songs in my repertoire, and it's always expanding ~ but I'm getting there!

From open houses to weddings, the harp brings extra class to any event.  Visit my website ~ Bloomington Harpist ~ for more information on including harp music in your plans!

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